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5 components of a successful warehouse

Did you just start a company that’s now rapidly growing? If you’re looking to expand to a warehouse, there are a couple of components you need to know of. In this blog, we’ll give you five of these. Get inspired!

1. Order picking system

If you’re working with a small product range, it’s easy to handpick your orders. Once your company is growing, this will get harder and harder, especially when you move into a warehouse. Having an order picking system, creates an easy overview, especially if you make sure you use automation for this. This means once an order is placed, this automatically will be picked and shipped. Perfect, right?

2. Storage system

Something that helps a lot with having a well-functioning order picking system, is an uncluttered storage system. This can be created in several ways: we recommend using mezzanine floors. These floors give you the possibility to redesign your warehouse every once in a while, which is especially useful if you’re rapidly growing. In your storage system, you can create a system with barcodes, which help with keeping products in stock, as well with order picking.

3. Transport

Your company doesn’t have to do everything themselves. For example, the shipping is something that a specialist is better off doing. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in this process at all: picking the right courier can make an incredible difference in your workflow. Whether you pick DHL, GLS or any other shipping system, make sure that the two of you have a clear communication. 

4. Overview

A lot of things happen in a warehouse. Many processes are going through each other all at once. Having one or multiple people in your warehouse with an overview on what’s happening in a certain department, can be the key to success. Make sure that there’s a clear communication between these people and you, so that you all know what’s happening in what area. This means more flexibility to solve problems and more understanding for when things do go wrong.

5. Sound system

Let’s finish this list with something less work-related: you do want to be able to enjoy some music while working. Work in a warehouse can be very repetitive at times; music can be exactly the push in the back that’s needed to make it fun again. 

Let’s get started!

Now that you know what you need in your warehouse, there’s nothing holding you back. Good luck!

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