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5 Effective Ways to Find Profitable Products for Your E-commerce Store

If you own an e-commerce store or are thinking of starting one, you must know that products are the most valuable asset in the online selling business.

No matter how much dollars, time, or effort you spend on marketing, optimization, and website design, the thing that makes an e-commerce business successful are the products it offers. After all, customers come to an online store to buy products.

Want to set yourself up for success? Scroll down to learn how to find the winning products for your business.

Brainstorming is the First Step

It all starts with a brilliant idea! The best way to begin searching for profitable products is to brainstorm. Think about your hobbies, interests, or niche and the products relevant to them. Looking into products you are already familiar with will give you an advantageous edge.

However, the products you are interested in may not be in demand by your customers. So, make sure to evaluate your ideas and potential to be lucrative for your business.

Keyword Research

What makes a product profitable? Its demand!

No matter how excellent your persuasion skills are, if your customers do not want a product, they won’t buy it. After all, you can’t sell a comb to a bald person, right? Therefore, it is crucial to look for products that your customers are demanding.

One of the best ways to determine what buyers are looking for is conducting a keyword search. By discovering which keywords are getting the most online searches, you will find what customers want. There are various ways to perform keyword searches, such as using keyword research tools and Google Trends.

Product Research Tools

With the ever-increasing competition, finding profitable yet low-competition products can become challenging. That’s why experts have introduced product research software and apps to help you find and source highly profitable items for your online store.

If you’re using Shoplazza as your e-commerce platform, you can find many free tools to help you with product sourcing, warehousing, quality control, packaging, and shipping. If you are looking for high-quality products that are profitable and in-demand, then you should go to the Shoplazza App Store.

Best Sellers Pages of Leading E-commerce Platforms

How often have you visited Amazon and been attracted to that “Best Selling” tag in the corner of an item?

That little tag shows that the respective item is popular, meets the needs of most consumers, and is profitable to sell. So, visiting the best sellers’ pages of leading e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay, can help you find popular products among consumers.

Latest Trend Reports

Another great way to find profitable products is to look into the latest consumer product trend publications. It helps give sellers a perspective on which consumer products are currently popular. These trend reports can also expose you to new product niches and industries.

Various trend publications are popular today, including TrendWatching, PSFK, and Trend Hunter, where you can find high-ticket products.


A product is the foundation of any online e-commerce store as it is what the customer wants from you. And finding the right and profitable product is the first step to building a successful e-commerce platform.

I hope the tools and methods mentioned above help you find highly profitable products with greater accuracy and considerably more success.


(Contributed by Iram Ghafoor & Hermes Fang)