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A cable safe work environment

Do you want to create a working environment that is safe from cable clutter for your company’s employees? In this article we explain where you can find help. Actually, we always recommend the specialist ISP. At ISP, they have a comprehensive range of safety products for major industries, such as refineries, automotive, paper factories, chemical works. ISP offers an extensive selection of products for the safe handling of cables in the workplace, such as safety hooks. Thanks to safety hooks, you will no longer see a cable lying around on the floor, and your employees will be safe.

A cable safe work floor thanks to safety hooks

Industrial safety hooks contribute to a cable safe workplace. They ensure that no cable lies loose. All cables come together in a space. This space is formed by the S-shape in the safety hooks. In this way, the cables can be suspended and are no longer on the ground. Such hooks are therefore an ideal solution for workplaces where a lot of cables are lying around. It is important for both the health of your employees and your claim to take as few risks as possible. At ISP, the specialists will help you find the right solution for your work environment.

Provide a clear description of your work environment

It is very important that you clearly describe to the specialist exactly what your cable management system requires. How many cables are lying around? How many employees do you have? How much space can you spare? These are all issues that are obviously very important when creating a cable safe workspace. So don’t hesitate to contact experts. They will tell you everything about cable management and the handy use of safety hooks.In other words, be sure to provide a clear description of your work environment, so the specialist will be able to help you.

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