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A website, a must for the modern photographer

If you are a photographer its important that people know what kind of pictures you take. But how do you make sure that your pictures get proper exposure? How do you get potential clients to find you and your photos? If you hadn’t guessed it already, I’m talking about a website. By putting your pictures on your website, you can give a clear image what your capabilities as a photographer are and what kind of work you deliver. But how do you make the perfect website?

Don’t be afraid to borrow

Look around at what other people are doing. By looking at, especially from photographers you look up to, websites you can see what is out there and what people are doing. Is there a certain trend? The last thing you want is for your website to look like every other website out there however you can get some solid inspiration from other people’s websites.

Avoid free websites

It might seem alluring to use one of the many free website builders out there however it does not look very professional if you use them. Put in the small investment of getting your own website and you will see it will pay for itself. Added on top of that you will be able to use your own email address which adds a flair of professionality. If you do not have the technical know how to make a website then we recommend hiring someone to make it easier for you. But beware a good Photography website design is not cheap!

Be informative

Make sure your website is not only a place where you upload your pictures. Be informative, what are your skills what is your expertise. This will not just help potential clients to find your website but also make your website score better in google. Which makes more people find your website.

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