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Why everyone is fan of CBD skincare these days

Taking care of your skin is important. Cleansing is mostly the first step of any good skincare routine and after that, you can start with your creams and oils. Of course you do not want to use products with harmful ingredients in it.…

Various famous diamonds and their names


Dresden green diamond: 41.00 carats, probably from India, earliest history not known. In 1742 by Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony, bought for 400 000 talers. It is kept in the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden.Florentiner or Toscaner: 137.27 carats, Early history surrounded by…

De beste manier om je eyeliner te gebruiken


Waarschijnlijk ken je de ellende van de eyeliner wel. Je begint goed en hebt net één oog helemaal af en je niest. Vervolgens zit het overal en kun je weer opnieuw beginnen. Als je dan weer bent begonnen, kom je erachter dat je…