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Buy all your audio cables and accessories from these experts

Real music lovers need quality products. This is exactly why you should buy your audio cables, such as SpeakON cables, from LivePower. This store near Brussels has every cable that you might need to complete your audio system. They will also give you the necessary explanation about its usage. They have a lot of years of experience and will be able to answer all of your questions.

The different SpeakON cables

When looking to buy audio cables for connecting your speakers with your amplifiers, you might want to take a look at the SpeakON cables. At LivePower they have a dozen different options available for you. Some cables you may find interesting, are:

  • CPL 5 LL 44
  • CPL 5 PP
  • CPL 5 LL 2
  • LP-SP5-2.5-10
  • LP-SP8-4-10

Some cables have female connectors, while others are equipped with male connectors. It is important to know which one you need before you buy these SpeakON cables, or any audio cables for that matter. If you are not entirely sure which one you need, you can always ask these experts.

All accessories for your speakers

Although this store is specialized in cables, they also have plenty of other products for you to buy. You can find accessories, such as racks for your walls and tables. All these panels, cabinets and shelfs are perfect to organize your own studio. Even different drums can be found in their selection. In short, they have everything a music lover can want.

Discover more products

Did you not see what you need yet? Don’t worry because they will surely have it in their store. Go take a look at their entire stock and discover much more products and cables. If you need something very specific, you can always ask for a custom-made solution. For more information, give these experts a call or send them an email.