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Choose the right workwear for your staff

Choose the right workwear for your staff

Choosing corporate clothing is by no means the easiest task there is. You often have to consider the opinions of many different people. However, it is important, especially if you work in a physio practice, clinic or any other healthcare business, that you have the right clothing for your staff. In doing so, you have to consider not only that it has to be comfortable, but also about the hygiene rules that your company has to adhere to. Many medical businesses therefore choose medical scrubs. These are uniforms specially made for nurses, doctors, etc. In this blog we will therefore take you through what exactly scrubs are, what the benefits are and what agreements you can make with your staff. 


Make sure the clothing is comfortable

The most important thing for the staff is that the outfit is comfortable. When you work in healthcare, you are constantly busy helping patients. As soon as you are called upon, you have to be on hand. Wearing tight clothing does not help. Therefore, make sure that you select workwear that offers the right comfort for your employees. Medical scrubs are made specifically for working in the healthcare sector and are therefore indispensable in various professions. You can also choose to adhere to a certain style for your staff. The scrubs are not only available in white, gray and black (as you might think). As an organization, you can also choose that the staff will be wearing scrubs in striking colours or just scrubs with fun prints. What you want exactly, is up to you as well as your colleagues. 

Make very clear agreements about workwear

One advice that I always give is to make specific agreements with your staff. Coordinate the clothing with each other, so that the company can expect as few complaints as possible afterwards. After all, every employee has to walk around in these clothes all throughout the day. In addition, it is also enjoyable to think together about the style of the business and to hear other people’s opinions. You might even come up with ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. This makes picking out workwear more fun, unconsciously! Choosing a brand can sometimes be tricky, but one brand that sells medical scrubs is Koi. Koi is a major player in the market when it comes to scrubs. They offer the quality and comfort that your staff deserves.

Personalize the clothing with the company logo

To differentiate yourself from competitors, you can choose to add some extras to the corporate clothing. For example, a number of brands offer the feature ‘personalize with work logo’. This is not only distinctive from the rest, but also recognizable to patients. In this way, visitors immediately know who to go to and exactly which people work within the company. You can choose to have the logo printed on the pants or on the top, but it can also be put on both. It’s just what both you and your colleagues prefer.