Ofcourse you want to ensure the safety within your company, right? That is why you need good maintenance of your Tuned Mass Damper in slender structures. Think of large factory chimneys, bridges, flagpoles, flares and other slender structures. Flow Engineering can maintain a Tuned Mass Damper made by them regularly. Do you have a third party damping solution? Experienced engineers will inspect and evaluate these systems and provide the best possible service to ensure a good working Tuned Mass Damper. Refurbishing an existing third party damper is possible to make them work as if they were new. Are you looking for a new Tuned Mass Damper? Flow Engineer is the right partner.

Different structures benefit from a Tuned Mass Damper

There are a lot of different buildings that benefit from the features of a Tuned Mass Damper. Structures like bridges, chimneys, stacks and flares are exposed to a lot of things that cause them to oscillate. With a high quality Tuned Mass Pamper made by Flow Engineering your slender structure is guaranteed of a solid system that reduces oscillation. This specialist is able to advise you when designing a new structure, provide solutions for exiting structures and manufacture an entire Tuned Mass Damper system. Are you building a slender structure? Choose Flow Engineering.

Stabilize an existing structure with a Tuned Mass Damper

Do you notice that your flagpole is oscillating? Or do you have a factory chimney that is not as steady as it used to be?  Than it is wise to contact a specialist like Flow Engineering. They are able to secure all kind of slender structures with a Tuned Mass Damper. This can easily be installed on existing structures. A team of professional engineers analyses the conditions and measures the vibrations. Via this analysis they offer you a solution to reduce the movement of the particular structure. Flow Engineering is a specialist in manufacturing, installing and maintaining quality damper systems.