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Hardware Buyback: How to Earn Money from Used IT Gadgets

Did you know that it’s possible for you to earn some residual value from the old IT equipment your firm is no longer using? Yes, you read that, right!

Traditionally, businesses tend to let outdated information technology equipment rot away in their stores, or in some cases, even throw it away. While storing the equipment is seen as a better alternative to throwing them away in landfills, storage means the tech continues to lose its value daily.  Storage also takes up unnecessary space in the company premises, space that the firm can put into good use, especially considering that it has to continue paying for it. Space and value decline aside, there’s also a risk that the old equipment may fall into the wrong hands and end up causing an unprecedented data leak. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about all this, as your old equipment can still earn you a tidy sum and eliminate the unnecessary stress on issues related to leaks and storage. All you need to do is unplug the old hardware when the new one arrives, prep it for transport, and then let the hardware buyback guys do what they do best.

What Kind of Hardware Can You Sell?

The hardware buyback service is always on the lookout for the hardware of different types such as:

  1. Storage: Hard drives (data-carrying equipment), DAS, NAS, and SAN
  2. Computers: Laptop, workstation, PC
  3. Tablets: Tablet PC, Samsung, iPads, etc.
  4. Servers: Shouldn’t be older than six years’ old
  5. Other gadgets: Network devices and monitors larger than twenty-one inches

Why Sell Old IT Equipment?

Apart from earning some money from IT equipment that’s no longer in use, using the hardware buyback service also entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Includes reports and certificates
  • Helps you to free up much-needed storage space in your company warehouse
  • Prevents data risks if the equipment falls into the wrong hands during storage or when getting transferred to the warehouse.
  • Guaranteed secure data erasure
  • Companies involved in this trade are ISO certified, meaning they maintain the highest operational standards at all times.
  • Used IT equipment disposal. The company can also make arrangements for the destruction of old materials and company data in a manner that abides by your local green initiatives.

What Can You Expect the Company to Buy?

It’s essential to make inquiries on what the hardware buyback company will and will not buy. Please don’t assume that all operate using the same procedures or purchase the same set of equipment.
Most companies will willingly agree to buy:

  • A minimum of twenty units
  • Business used hardware
  • From companies, and not private individuals
  • No cartridges, toners, or inkjet printers
  • No keyboards, mouse units, or cables
  • No incomplete or defective IT equipment


You are advised to get in touch with your local hardware buyback services if you have any equipment you would like to retire or have already retired. It’s also recommended that you inform them whether the equipment is working or not. Many prefer old IT equipment in good working condition which they can refurbish before taking for recertification.

We ourselves have very good experiences with CTC IT Solutions, a well-known Dutch company.
Note: this company only serves corporate customers. Private individuals cannot go here.