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Poland is an increasingly important cultural center and craftsmen, artists and musicians from all over the world regularly come to their varied talents. From sculptors to prestigious groups, In Your Pocket is dedicated to bringing news from these events to the widest possible audience. In addition to the lists in the print guide, we regularly update our website with all the news and events that appear to us, sometimes after our printing instructions went to the press.

Musical Theater (Teatr Muzyczny) – Founded in 1958, the Musical Theater has recently completed an extensive reconstruction program and now has three exhibition halls with a total capacity of 1500+: the large stage, the – current stage and the space of the room. Check your site for the performance plan.

Museum of the City of Gdynia (Muzeum Miasta Gdyni) – A modern museum that presents an alternating series of temporary exhibitions regarding the short but fascinating history of this relatively young city. For more information about what’s found in the “What’s Happening” section of our exam.

Blues club- This is safe on the front of the blues; everything, from the color of the walls to the bands that come to the stage, is connected with the blues. Pour the camp behind the bar of a group of pretty pony-tail boys, while the decorations are limited to the flags of stars and stripes, lanterns and furniture of the Lech brewery. The investment seems minimal, but it does not affect the atmosphere. Male toilets have a urinal that is not more than two feet from the floor; Judging by the disorder, the guests gather to wash their shoes and their trousers.

Theater of the City Summer (Scena Letonia Teatru Miejskiego in Witolda Gombrowicza) – It’s useless to sit in a dull building when the summer is booming and you’re in a health resort! Fortunately, the Theater de la Ville has the full advantage, and every year they take the stage of summer, pass the beach, near the Kolibki Park. The stage is open from 20 June to 9 August, with games played during the week, except on Tuesday, when the action is transferred to the ship of the Dar Pomorza Museum. Tuesday tickets are available one hour before the show.

Gydnia Recreation:

Allure Institute- The first Tri-City Institute for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine specializes in skin care with a focus on aging and its highly qualified professionals provide treatments for all types of skin diseases using the latest technologies.

Night in Gdynia:

While Sopot is undoubtedly the queen of the nightlife of Tri-City, Gdynia has a fair range of options that are not as concentrated in a region as Sopot, offer a little more variety. While most of the nightlife is concentrated near the sea around Al. Jana Pawła and Skwer Kościuszki, there are many less loud bars to look for.

Bollywood Lounge- A bar and a club is what Bollywood is popular here and at its sister club in Warsaw, and its collection of Sheesha pipes should be the best, if not the only one of the city. There is a fairly large selection of Indian dishes on offer, but it is to celebrate that the locals come in large numbers. A relaxed atmosphere and a DJ who is determined to say, please, the holidays spend a good night, while the adjacent beach is an excellent summer chillout area.

More information about a restaurant in Gdynia? Follow the link and don’t forget to take a lot at the courtyard hotel, which is part of the restaurant.