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Make use of a 5D bend

Are you constructing a pipeline and wondering if your project requires a 5D bend? This is a special type of bend that is five times larger than a standard size bend. A 5D bend, because of its size, is very much suited to handle corrosive substances and environments. Therefore, this type of bend is often used in maritime or offshore projects. However, because of its size and thickness, 5D bends are generally only produced on demand for their specific projects. is a specialist that carries these products readily available to order online. Check their collection on the website.

Barred tee: what is it used for?

Smooth and safe maintenance operations are essential within a pipeline. For this, you should make use of a barred tee. This is a type of bar fitting that has bars in it in a cage-like structure. The bars of a barred tee prevent a maintenance pig from passing through the barred tee. This way you can prevent a maintenace pig from flowing into branches or areas where you do not want it to go. This is very useful if you have a pipeline that branches out into smaller branches, as a maintenance pig could clog this branch pipe. Do you want to make use of a barred tee in your pipeline? Then you should check out the collection of They carry a selection with different sizes barred tees.

The leading expert on pipelines

A pipeline project can be daunting and difficult. There are many different products to choose from, but which is the most suitable for your project? For any type of pipeline question or construction. You can contact They are an online expert with many different products listed on their website. Each product page has extensive and detailed product data that you can consult. If you have any additional questions, you are always free to contact their helpdesk. They can help you with any pipeline related question that you may have.