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NBA 2K21 – Don’t Miss The Rewards From The 12 Days Of Giving Event

NBA 2K21 12 Days of Giving event has begun. It’s an event that honors the start of the 2020-2021 NBA season. As the name says, the event features daily giveaways. Players don’t need to do anything to get the rewards. They just have to show up and grab the daily prize. By showing up, we mean log into the game. That’s all that you have to do. Just log in for a while and collect your reward.

Are you curious about what you get during this event? Each day comes with new prizes so you have a reason to log in every day. The reward list includes ornament ball items. Maybe you remember these ornament balls from the previous years. Collect them and you won’t be sorry. You might also get rare player item cards as your daily reward.

The NBA season starts on December 22nd. The 12 Days of Giving event starts 12 days before this date. We are currently almost halfway through the event. The guaranteed reward includes a player item card, an ornament ball, and a badge. You have the opportunity to get rare players or a HOF badge. The players are from various past promotions and collections. Day one brought Lebron James or its player card from the Possessed selection as the daily prize. On the second day, we had diamond Zion, Webber, or Ingram.

Other rewards included 95 OVR James Worthy. Keep an eye on NBA 2K21’s Twitter page for the locker codes that allow you to get more free players. 12 Days of Giving is just the start of the holiday event. NBA 2K21 is getting ready for another event. The last update brought holiday decorations in The City. A large Christmas tree, snowmen, and festive wreaths can be spotted. There was also a tweet teasing something holiday-related that will start on December 15th.

NBA 2K21 had a third update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It comes with many changes for several game modes. Some of the teams have had their court floors and uniforms updated. A long list of players has had their appearance tweaked to be more realistic. Several issues in The City were fixed.

These issues include garage hoop troubles, subway visual issues, VC balance update issues, and general performance issues. MyCareer received some revisions too. MyNBA mode should be more stable now. Players in ranked MyNBA league cannot be edited anymore. NBA 2K21 MT and MyWNBA, also called The W, were also updated.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)