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Powder and particle research

In various industries, particles and powders form the basis in the development of products. When you get stuck in the development process, the cause can often be found in the properties of these particles. It is then important to find out where exactly it goes wrong, in order to search for a solution.


Solids Solutions Delft

Solids Solutions is located in Delft and is specialised in powder and particle technology. In our laboratory we conduct research into the smallest possible particles. For this we use various methods and instruments. Depending on the substance that needs to be analysed and the information that needs to be obtained. You can contact Solids Solutions if you get stuck with the development of a specific product. In addition, we regularly give presentations and seminars on various subjects. We also share our knowledge through our knowledge centre. Here you can find publications and articles.


Sedimentation of nanoparticles

Nanoparticles are very small particles with specific properties that make them suitable for use in various products. These particles vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometres. To determine the exact size, differential centrifugal sedimentation nanoparticles are used. Based on the speed of sedimentation of the particles in a liquid, their size can be determined. Stokes’ law is observed here.


Dynamic light scattering

Another method used to determine the size of powder particles is dynamic light scattering nanoparticles. The scattered powder is illuminated with a laser, which provides information about the size and properties of the grains. Do you need the expertise of Solids Solutions in the development of your product, or are you interested in a course or event? Please contact us, or check the agenda on our website.