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Water pumps

Did you purchase a water pump and would you like to know which water pump accessories are available to make your job easier? There are all kinds of mounting accessories for your water pump. You can extend the life of your water pump with regular maintenance and care. What I already said before is that there are a many accessories such as flanges, pump-press controls, flow controls and so on. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything about all these accessories.

Flanges and vibration compensators

A flange is a flat edge at the end of a tube. Two pipes can be fitted together with flanges using bolts and nuts. For this purpose, the flanges are provided with holes. Vibration compensators eliminate the pipeline sound when these pipes are mounted under pressure.

Pump-press controls A pump-press control ensures that your pump will automatically turn on and off, if there is a demand for water. When the valve is closed, the pump continues to run for a further 10 seconds to prevent water hammer, and then stops ready for the next demand for water. If the pump runs out of water during operation, it will automatically shut down the pump to prevent damage from dry running. The control is then manually re-set once the water source is restored. Flow controls The water flow is controlled with a diaphragm operated control valve controlled by a signal from the process control system.

Mechanical floats

A mechanical float will control your water pump while the pump is floating on a liquid, the controller will operate by a mechanical process. The controller will send a signal once the fluid level gets higher (or lower) than a preset value. The float can be in a mechanical way, by closing a float needle, making sure that the liquid level remains at the desired level.