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Creating Functional COVID-19 Testing & Vaccine Pods

The UK are undergoing a large vaccine and testing programme, as another measure to limit & stop the spread of COVID-19. With new centres being opened to maximise the number of vaccines administered, the requirement for screening has taken a surge.

As with most things COVID related, the aim is to stop the spread and making sure environments are as safe as possible. So, the need for anti-bacterial and sterile screening is a must.

Throughout the pandemic, the need for acoustic screens has wavered and the popularity of laminate screens has risen. White gloss laminate screening provides a surface which can be disinfected between testing or vaccinations. In addition to the anti-bacterial benefits, the white gloss finish can be reused for training and education purposes as it accepts whiteboard pens.

Static screens are moveable but are generally used when the screening requirement is long term and will be in place some time. This is where the portable solutions and castors wheels have been a favoured choice. The castor wheel allows any screen to be moved from position to position without it requiring a large amount of man power.

The idea of the vaccine and testing pods is that it’s spacious, easy to enter and exit and provides enough privacy for the patient. White gloss laminate screens tick all the boxes and will continue to support the NHS, government and schools as we continue to vaccinate through the UK.

The key points to the vaccine pod are;

  • Sterile & easy clean
  • Portable Dividers
  • Reusable (where possible)
  • Secure and safely fitted

To minimize the risk of contaminating the pod, the white gloss surface can be cleaned with bleach and chlorine based products between patients. By doing so, the environment is safe and provides peace of mind for those who are struggling with the effects from COVID-19.

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