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How to make your office feel like Christmas

The Christmas feeling we all get on the lead up to Christmas is the best feeling you will have all year. People will be happier, smiling and ready to celebrate the season ahead. The celebrations and joy shouldn’t stop in the office. Bringing some festive joy to your work place is a fantastic way to lift spirits, boost morale and really enjoy the month of December.

Christmas Jumper Day

It’s an item that most people have, it’s saved all year so what better excuse do you need to wear your Christmas jumpers. Whether it’s funny, plays music or has pom poms on, all are acceptable and can change your work place for the day.

Tip:- Charity days are available to promote Christmas jumper day, all you need is for each person to make a small donation in order to wear their jumper and the funds will go to a great cause.


Decorations scream Christmas time. Tinsel is a great way to add a pop of colour throughout your office and work spaces. Mix and match your colours and let each colleague pick the colour that they love the most.

If your office has the space, why not have a Christmas tree with all the trimmings to take your office decorations to a whole new level


A cheesy Christmas song will stay in your head all day, possibly a blessing and a curse. Putting on well-known songs that everyone can sing to is the gateway to a happy office.

Secret Santa

With a spend limit of around £10, you can’t say no. Picking a random name to buy a present for is a fun way to do some Christmas shopping. Not only that, but you can take the time to get to know some one a little better as you find out what they would love to receive.

Christmas Meal

Whether you choose to do this inside or outside of work, both options are effective. It’s always nice to spend time with the people you work with on a more personal level. You then have the opportunity to bond, as well as have a good time with a few drinks flowing.

Dress down day

This day doesn’t come around too often. There’s nothing more satisfying then coming to work in your own clothes. It makes the day feel relaxed and a little less work like, which for one day, is a nice feeling.

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