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Incredible Things to do by car on the island of Ibiza

Ibiza is popular as a party getaway. It is famous for its clubs and bars and is known to be Europe’s best therapeutic party getaway. From its wild nightlife to its beautiful beaches, Ibiza is worth visiting.


The island is perfect for a road trip and there are many options If you planing to rent a car. can offer you a wide selection of cars an companies. But don’t wait to long to book during high season if you want a special car. So to make sure that you get the best of your luxury holiday in Ibiza, we have listed some of the most incredible things to do while you are there. Let’s dive into making your holiday worth it.

Get lost in Nature:

Ibiza is filled with pine forests, and they are a pleasant distraction from the clubs and bars. It is like discovering an unknown side of the island that not many visits. The north-east side is the best place to wander off to if you are looking for some less-populated forests. Five miles north from Sant Joan De Labritja, you will find yourself in a bay that is surrounded by cliffs and has the cleanest and clear water of Ibiza. You can snorkel pr swim here, being closest to Nature and at peace too.

Explore the island of Formentera:

Formentera is a fantastic choice to make, to have a peaceful and enjoyable day out with your family or on your own too. There is a lot to discover at Formentera. From lighthouses to nature reserves and from incredible views to view the world from a different perspective from underwater, exploring this place is going to be impossible. You won’t be disappointed at this island at all. You can also charter a boat while visiting Formentera to make the most out of your day in comfort.

Discover Dalt Vila:

If you are done with the partying phase and love exploring the history, then Dalt Vila is the best getaway. It means High Town, and you will be able to see some of the best examples of Ibiza’s history and culture. This place tells you a story in terms of art and architecture. There are various museums in this place too. You will also find great restaurants and shops on the walls of this fortified town. Thus, there is a lot to explore, and you can easily spend a day here and go back to the hotel to sleep in peace.

Try out some water sports:

The calm waters of Ibiza are the best place to try out some games that you have never done. Stand up paddleboarding is a popular water sport that is practised by many tourists in Ibiza. Paddle Ibiza is an excellent place to get in contact with if you wish to indulge in water sports. Kayaking is also an old water sport that allows you to visit the coastlines of the water safely.

Atlantis Seaside Quarry:

Many people do not know about the lost city of Atlantis. This is a labyrinth of rocks, holes, and caves, which is not explored by many. This spot is a little off from the usual track, which is why many tourists do not discover it. But if you want to get away for a while and explore the remains of Ibiza, then this is a beautiful place to get lost into.


Ibiza is famous for its party life and wild night-life, but at the same time, there is a lot more to this place as well. You cannot spend your entire holiday party, can you? Thus, these above mentioned five things could help you get away from the rush of clubs and bars and calm your senses down. Get lost in Nature and explore the culture and history of Ibiza too.

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