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Innovate to digital inspections

Do you think filling in paper inspection forms on location is a struggle? Do you want to carry out inspections quickly and easily? Replace your paper inspection form for digital inspection forms or the app and start saving time. Problems like carrying your stuff and sending papers back to the office for further analysis are history.

Benefits of digital inspections

Digital inspections offer you a range of benefits. By replacing the paper inspection form for digital inspection forms or the app, the data no longer needs to be processed twice. Reports are automatically generated and sent immediately. You make a professionalization move because the report automatically contains all important information. All these factors contribute to increase customer satisfaction. Your clients will be impressed with the speed with which they receive the professional reports.

Next to that, the inspection app also helps to minimize errors. By logically standardizing the points to be executed, you collect all data that is important to you and the customer. You can record data efficiently and possible defects can be followed up faster. Finally, it is easy to make and implement changes. Any changes you make to improve your inspection process are implemented in real-time.

Other benefits can be:

–          You can create your own custom made forms

–          You can be up-to-date on any location

–          You can see the information online as well as offline

–          You can easily add photos and videos

–          You can import customer data fast


Digitize your inspection process, save time and increase job satisfaction!