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You Can Now Upgrade To The FIFA 21 Next-gen

EA Sports has released by surprise early the version of FIFA 21 for the next generation consoles that are already available in several territories both on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the “next-gen” platforms.


This version of FIFA 21 is now available completely free of charge for all those who buy the edition of the football simulator for PS4 or Xbox One who will not have to pay to enjoy this new version while those who still do not have a copy of FIFA 21. You can also buy FIFA 21 coins with real money on FUTeamGo store.


For those of you who already have a copy of FIFA 21 for the last generation, EA Sports has enabled a system called Dual Entitlement that allows us to update our version of the game for new consoles, being able to download it directly from the Sony or Microsoft store regardless of whether you purchased a physical or a digital copy of the game. All you will need is to have the PlayStation or Xbox account linked to EA.


An important point is that the progress of FIFA 21 is shared between generations. So you can continue with your FUT or Volta game without any problem on PS5 or XSX enjoying the news of this update accompanied by a graphic update, a new camera, and improvements in the collision system and even deformation of the ball when we hit it.


Also, remember that we can play games over the internet with any player who has the same family of consoles. In other words, if we play from PS4 we can play games with those of PS5 or if we play in XSX we can play with friends on Xbox One.


(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)